We are currently in the phase of updating all the documentation for the Fall 2017 Duckietown classes; with a new Ubuntu, new Raspberry PI, new ROS, etc.; therefore we have stopped maintaining this documentation. Please see our new website for updated information.
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Basic Setup Documents

Getting Started ( static pdf): Start here your Duckietown experience.

Setup Step 0 - buy the parts ( static pdf): purchasing all of the parts to build a Duckiebot

Setup Step 0.5 - soldering boards ( static pdf): how to solder the boards for a Duckiebot

Setup Step 1 - assembling the Duckiebot ( static pdf): all the information you need on assembling a Duckiebot

Setup Step 1.1 - reproducing the Ubuntu image ( static pdf): the ubuntu image we are using on the Duckiebots

Setup Step 1.2 - traffic light assembly ( static pdf): creating a custom Duckiebot traffic light

Setup Step 1.5 - burn the image ( static pdf): burning a Duckiebot image onto an sd card

Setup Step 1.7 - setting up the Buffalo access point v2.0 ( static pdf): more information about that buffalo

Setup Step 1.8 - setting up Ubuntu laptops and the Duckietops ( static pdf): all you could ever want to know about ubuntu duckietops

Setup Step 1.9 - Github basics ( static pdf): how to commit and pull correctly

Setup Step 2.00 - from SD image to RC control ( static pdf): how to get a remote controlled Duckiebot

Setup Step 2.05 - RC control, launched remotely ( static pdf): did the remote control work? see why here!

Setup Step 2.1 - joystick + camera output in remote laptop ( static pdf): getting camera output with that remote controlled Duckiebot!

Setup Step 2.2.1 - wheel calibration ( static pdf): get the Duckiebot to drive straight

Setup Step 2.2.2 - camera calibration ( static pdf): Camera calibration setup

Setup Step 3.- take a log ( static pdf): how to take a log with ROS

Setup Step 4 - creating your own ROS package ( static pdf): making your own ROS package information

Setup Step 4.1 - integrating your new package into the architecture ( static pdf): getting your ROS package to work with Duckietown_msgs

Setup Step 5.0 - LED car setup and test ( static pdf): LEDS are awesome

Virtualbox setup ( static pdf): VirtualBox setup instructions

VMware Setup ( static pdf): VMware setup instructions

Connect to Pi and Buffalo ( static pdf): Using the Buffalo access point for wifi connection.

Getting started with The Construct simulation environment ( static pdf): We are developing a simulation environment for Duckietown.

Procedures and HOWTos

Checklist - Robot and laptop configuration ( static pdf): getting your robot and laptop configured!

Checklist - what makes a conforming ROS contribution ( static pdf): how to get ROS to work!

Documentation style guide ( static pdf): proper style guidelens for Duckietown documentation

How to reset your SD card ( static pdf): reseting your SD card information and instructions

How to test everything ( static pdf): information about testing everything.

Troubleshooting - network troubleshooting checklist ( static pdf): How to troubleshoot the network connection.

FAQ / How To ( static pdf): Frequently asked questions.

Pointers to Reference Materials for Git, ROS, etc. ( static pdf): putting it all together, git, ROS, etc.

Reflashing your SD card ( static pdf): Reflash the SD card

Source Code Management Rules and Conventions ( static pdf): Rules to make contributions coherent.

The Design of Duckietown

Appearance Specification ( static pdf): This document is about the appearance rules for a consistent Duckietown. If you build your own Duckietown: if it adheres to this rule, we guarantee that our robots will work.

Belief Representation ( static pdf): Knowledge and belief representation for the world of Duckietown.

Duckietown Traffic Code ( static pdf): General principles about the traffic rules within Duckietown.

Spring 2016: Documents Specific to MIT 2.166 Students

Accounts guide ( static pdf): This document contains instructions for how we would like you to represent yourself online during your Duckietown experience.

Lab 01 - duckiebox distribution ( static pdf): The day we opened the box.

Lab 02 - finalizing the assembly and starting RC ( static pdf): Getting remote control functionality with the Duckiebot.

Module O1 - bootcamp ( static pdf): Going to ROS work with bootcamp lab

Lab 03 - ROS tutorial ( static pdf): A slightly guided tutorial with ROS and Duckiebots.

Module 02 - remote control and data processing ( static pdf): A little more indepedence with the data processing.

Lab 04 - git and conventions ( static pdf): Missing description

Lab 05 - calibration and lane filtering ( static pdf): The Duckiebot still doesn't drive straight. What to do?

Module 03 + 04 - demo or die ( static pdf): Getting to do lane following.

Lab 06 - ( static pdf): Missing description


Duckietown: an Open, Inexpensive and Flexible Platform for Autonomy Education and Research : Manuscript submitted to the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2017